Hard Drives

Hard Drives

Did you know that 1 in 4 hard drives fails every year!  That's the industry average.  How many computers do you have?  When was the last time one failed for you?  If it hasn't it will.  The most important thing is to have recent backups.  We have the industries strongest most secure backup system money can buy.  Next to backups you need to make sure you have replacement drives.  Before replacing drives make sure you are putting the right equipment back in place, not all hard drives are the same.

Consider this 

  • Some notebooks have a accelerometer in them (G force meter) to detect falls to safely park the heads preventing damage. 
  • Server hard drives are more stable than desktop drives 
  • Desktop drives come in different speeds and access times (the wrong one will make your system slower)

We will make sure you get the right drive for your system.  They will meet and/or exceed the oem specs providing you a more stable and faster machine. 

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