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You have a firewall.  You have antivirus.  You might even have a security package.  Your protected, right?  This is a common misconception.  Unfortunately security is an ongoing battle.  Think of it this way, when I was a kid my dad use to leave the car unlocked sometimes with the keys in the ignition.  Now he locks the car, has an alarm on it and a steering wheel club.  Times have changed and the same applies to your computers.  The only difference is the information on the computer is worth a lot more than any of my dads cars.

Did you know that a firewall bought from a store is not configured for security.  They can't because they don't know what your needs are. The more security they configure the more you need to know which means the more calls on their 1-800 for support.

Did you know that there are over 400 new viruses every month and never has one antivirus program been able to detect all of them.  The problem is you can't run two antivirus programs (they fight  each other).  There is hope.  Consumer report type websites exist just to test and evaluate antivirus programs.  We have been keeping a history of these and a few programs consistently rank in the top five.  You'll want to be running one of these.  Even better news one of these programs is free for personal/home use.

Hackers are constantly testing and looking for holes in software.  That is why you always see updates needing to be installed.  Just performing these updates does not protect you from the hackers.  You absolutely must apply your updates for the latest protection but you only get updates for some of your software.  Even for those that apply the updates many never confirm that those updates were successfully installed.  If you haven't checked the logs you may not be secure.

We provide a complete security package.  Our focus is primarily in the professional office environment focusing on medical and legal businesses.  We can help protect your business too!  We provide a limited number of free security audits each month.  Please contact our office to schedule one today. 

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