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Backup Solutions

  • 1 in every 4 computer users will suffer a critical data loss this year.
  • 53% of companies that lose touch with their data for 10 days of more file for bankruptcy very soon thereafter. (Source: US National Records and Archives Administration).
  • Analysts and IT experts estimate that data is not properly backed and fully recoverable in over 80% of small and medium sized businesses.
  • You could lose confidential client/employee information, sales info, company financials, important emails and addresses, web pages, irreplaceable data.
  • Data loss happens unexpectedly and instantly from any number of sources: Virus, hardware failure, Power surge and brown outs (surge protectors do not protect against brown outs), theft, fire, disgruntled employees, software error, accidental deletion…the list goes on

It doesn’t matter how you loose the data, what matters is the ability to restore safe backups. Fully & quickly!!!

Unfortunately the standard average recovery time is a minimum of 4-8 hours – and that’s just a basic/partial restore. A complete restore averages 7-14 days minimum – if possible.
Imagine a system, regardless of the catastrophe we could have your services up and running in less than 5 minutes…Guaranteed.

Even better, in the event of a hard drive crash, your system wouldn’t even skip a beat. It would instantly find - then switch to a stable drive.

All this with zero downtime and zero loss of data!

Our plan includes fully automatic, “self checking, self testing, self healing, self correcting” backups which are kept both on site and offsite. Off site backups kept under your full control and possession and/or with our fully secure, multi redundant data lab.

You can rest easy knowing your important data has been professionally backed up, checked and tested by the same system used by many other top small and medium sized businesses like, dental and legal offices, independent BMW and Ford dealers, Century 21, even banks.

Don’t leave your business unprotected a minute longer. Call IQ Computers at
250-861-6576 now for a free business protection plan.

We will check your existing backup solutions, uncover hidden costs and threats, identify problems and errors then provide solutions to protect your business which you can use now. We are currently accepting appointments on a limited basis please call 250-861-6576 or click here to book an appointment.

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