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Nitix Solutions

Nitix is now part of IBM's offering.  They are a small to medium size business server.  Offering one of the most secure, stable and reliable server packages.  Please call for more information


These special breed of servers continuously check there health and monitor their status.  If they detect errors they then attempt to correct the erros without any human interaction.  This makes the server one of the most cost effective for any small business to operate 


Backup is one of the most important factors for any business.  It must be accurate, complete, fast, accessible and confirmed.  These servers can backup your data up to every 15 minutes keeping multiple copies of changed documents.  The backups self confirm that all the data is backed up correctly and is restorable.  The best news is it is fully automatic.  No need to initiate backups, check backups transfer tapes/disks.  It is all done for you.

Redundant Internet

So much of our business is now connected over the internet.  These servers allow you to connect more than one internet provider into them.  In case one provider fails the system automatically switches over to the next one.  It also perfroms a load balancing it times when a providers speed slows down automatically chosing the faster server.

Please call for more information 

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