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Customer Stories (Case Studies)

The following case studies will help you learn more about how small and medium-sized non-profit organzations, businesses and governement agencies use services and products such the Net Integrator offered by Bowen Businessworks, to save money, reduce complexities, and increase efficiencies.

The Idaho Community Foundation (ICF) was established in 1988 with assistance from The Whittenberger Foundation of Caldwell and the Council on Foundations to provide a larger pool of philanthropic capital to fund worthwhile philanthropic projects in Idaho. The ICF had major technical issues that covered everything from unreliable network system to inadequate backup capability. However, all these issue were quickly resolved, find out how

The Northway Ford-Lincoln auto dealership faced some unusual difficulties when they decided to upgrade their computer systems.

"I never thought it could be done," says Dealer Principal John Henderson. "We have a very unique situation here at Northway Ford-Lincoln in that we have three separate buildings."
Before they chose Net Integrator, Town and Country BMW had used a variety of different products for their information technology infrastructure. The resulting problems included frequent virus attacks, incompatible and disparate systems, and unfiltered Internet access. As one of Canada's leading BMW dealerships, Town and Country BMW has 80 internal users, each requiring file, print, backup, e-mail and web services. Some need remote access while on the road, and the general manager requires a full-time virtual private network connection to his home office.


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