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Company Overview

The most important duty of your business is the ability to make sales. Your business needs systems in good running order. IQ Computers provides a complete "End to End" solution for your business. What that means to you is an end to your computer problems regardless who or what is at fault.

We provide professional solutions for all aspects of your technology systems.

  • Troubleshooting & Repairs
  • Compliance/Security/Protection/Backup
  • Maintenance/Service/Repair
  • Planning and Counsel
  • Installation/Setup

There is one other very important, often overlooked factor your business MUST consider when it comes to computer problems. Quick response! You could have Einstein working on your computers, but if he can't get to it - YOUR LOSING MONEY!!! IQ Computers has one of the industries fastest response times. Many of our calls have a tech fixing the system within minutes of the call. You can have the same response time for your company, but it takes a little preparation and planning. Call us today to show you how...250-861-6576


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